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The Riddler's Den

The Riddler is the most eccentric but playful villain of all times, who aspires to be the most intelligent person in the whole world. Using a TV frequency, he has unleashed a signal so strong across the city that he can suck out the intelligence of TV viewer. He is draining everyone's IQ whilst they are watching TV. Being most intelligent person in the city YOU are the only one whose mind he couldn't control. So he kidnapped you and locked you in his den!!
You wake up in his den to find a maze of board and arcade games. He has left clues to see if you are really as smart as you claim to be.
You need to escape out of the room and shout out the Magic Word that can break The Riddler's spell on the city. It's NOW or NEVER! You have 60mins to ResQ the city and your time starts now!