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Bank Heist

Have you ever been fascinated by a bank robbery in a movie? Did you ever think of trying out a heist with your friends? Now is your opportunity to live it!
You have ambition to make a lot of money in life and you want to make it fast! Your gang suggest to you to rob a bank! With your friends, you meticulously plan all details for 6 months. You also find an ally inside the bank and he has planted clues for you to perform the perfect Heist!
It’s midnight - the perfect time. You sneaked behind the security guard. You make him sniff chloroform. He is unconscious. But, not for long! Your gang and you entered into the bank. The first step was easy. The challenge is to find the clues hidden by your ally to enter the vault and rob the cash! Be slick, as every move of yours is being watched! The security guard will soon come to conscious and ring the alarm, making your plan a huge failure. You have only 60 mins to execute this Bank Heist. Will you escape?